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The Rules And History of Curling

ByLonnie Myers

Aug 19, 2022

A stone that is thought to have been used in the game and dates all the way back to 1511 has been found. Dutch peasants are depicted playing the game in two paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder from 1565. Early on, there is not much control over the throw because no special stone is employed. The activity had reached North America by 1807.

The right equipment is needed to play curling.

The stone is the first thing you will require. They are made of polished granite and range in weight from 38 to 44 pounds. The top is attached to a handle. The “thrower” throws the stone down the ice “sheet” in the direction of the “house” or target.

The broom is the second piece of equipment that is required. Once the stone is released, it is used to clear a path for it. The goal is to provide the stone with the smoothest possible path to follow. Finally, the sport calls for certain footwear. In contrast to the rest of the squad, the thrower frequently wears distinct shoes. Additionally, the thrower could purchase special pants that allow him to move about more before releasing the stone.

Curling is a straightforward sport, but people take it very seriously.

A huge stone is thrown toward the goal as it is being played on ice. In a game, there are ten “ends.” The goal is to position the stones after each end in the optimal location. Make sure your stone is placed significantly better than your opponent’s stone.

Three other team members, the “sweepers,” furiously sweep the ice after the thrower releases the stone to control the stone’s direction. It is not allowed to make contact with the rock. The goal is to create a straight path for the stone to go along. The better if it moves the stone belonging to the opposing team. The match is decided by whose team wins most ends.

Because of the Winter Olympics, curling has historically garnered much more value.

The oldest competitors competing in the Winter Games are frequently the curlers, making it one of the few sports where age is irrelevant. There are now clubs all over the world because the Olympics have piqued interest in the sport.

People of all ages have discovered a love for the sport as a result of the Olympics. There are leagues dedicated to everyone, from young people to the elderly. Both men and women enjoy having equal power. Even special leagues exist for people with disabilities.

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